May 2021

A job about custom illustrations for website

Crown at 4 Website restyling


Laura Francesca De Alexandris


Milan Italy

Transforming a passion into a profession is putting creativity at the service of professional competence. Laura De Alexandris has an innate love for graphics and she has transformed it into her job. It is necessary to have courage, to realize a dream and not compromise. She lives and works in the heart of the industrious Brianza as an graphic illustrator and when she is not looking for creative ecstasy on the electronic “palette”, she cultivates the passion for diving.

One of my nightmares is having to blindly adhere to a convention. Doing something because everyone does it does not guarantee that something is right or smart. I think I have learned to be more daring, because breaking out of conventions and being recognized for doing so is a truly constructive experience. It reminds me of who I chose to be: an artist.tion and emotional involvement increase, allowing you to see what you didn’t see before.

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Laura De Alexandris

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Finding the right inspiration to achieve a goal is the most time-consuming part of my job. I have to collect as much material as possible to be able to blend the elements into the right combination. You need to be able to listen to yourself, your customers and understand the identity of the work they do. I usually ask a lot of questions but they are essential to allow creativity to have a “good pantry” to draw from. Creativity is a force that you don’t control: it envelops you in an extraordinary embrace that takes you where it wishes.